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About Me

Zai, Alex, Rin / married ♡ + QPR / pronouns.page / sonas
Western Australia / November 14 / Personal Links & Socials

Art by my QPP, JAHSPURR!

Hiya o/ My name is Zai! Many people have asked how to pronounce my username so I'll toss the pronunciation here: "zay-veenx".

I spent most of my life in Oklahoma and Arkansas, USA. The peaceful, rural forests of Oklahoma were a place I called home until I ended up in Arkansas around the age of 14. To keep things brief: I had a good life to start, experienced several years of abuse, and that caused me develop frustratingly bad anxiety. This anxiety - along with other factors - trapped me in a small, dark, and very lonely world.

During 2015, I experienced the beginnings of a series of lifechanging events that ultimately led me to where I now reside: in Western Australia with my husband, the love of my life. Now, I am rising from the ashes of my past in an attempt to be more than I was. I am now surrounded by positive people in my life and feel that I can finally move forward.In late 2020, I was finally medically diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder. I am now on medication, which has made life a tad bit easier!

I'd like to give a shoutout to the following friends for being such a positive light in my life
PigeonByte(hubby!) JAHSPURR(QPP!) Horrendous(taco!)
STATICAN0MALY(gaydrian!) Cinna(cheegan!) Bienie(equestie!) Aaron(rp pal!)

  • red pandas! deer! bats! dinosaurs (Parasaurolophus is best dino), cats, corgis, shibas

  • coffee! black tea! cocoa/hot chocolate, bubble tea

  • secluded areas / evergreen forests, mountains

  • rain, snow, and overcast weather

  • being lazy cozy (cold house, warm blankets and lots of plushies!)

  • gaming (PCMR! / soft spot for MMORPGs and open world/adventure but creature collectors have been growing on me lately)

  • anime, manga (Mushishi is a masterpiece)

  • fiction novels (I was a Warriors cats kid..still kinda am)

  • children - especially very young children or babies

  • callout culture

  • excessively noisy people and places / crowded areas

  • tomatoes

  • hot weather (especially when humid)

  • light themes on apps, websites, and the like

  • physical contact with most people / strangers in my personal bubble

  • lack of communication, disloyalty

  • needles

"Nobility isn’t being superior to your fellow man, it’s being superior to your former self."

Personal Links & Socials

Feel free to add me but please let me know who you are ^^
Otherwise, I may decline! These are my personal socials:

Alderon Games ID: 008-167-434 🦖 Alderon Games Referral Code

Mostly forum-related websites where I'm inactive off and on:


Art by my QPP, JAHSPURR!